The Ryan Adams Kerfuffle: A Blog’s Q&A Gets Messy

David Black

Since we’re talking Q&A’s, I thought you might find this interesting.

As an unyielding fan of Ryan Adams, I’ve been very interested in the release of his newest record, a stripped-down acoustic effort called Ashes & Fire. In looking for press about the release I came across this Q&A with Adams from the LA Weekly’s blog.

Well, the interview has caused quite the kerfuffle as Adams asserts the writer performed some devious manipulation (i.e. printing questions in a different way than they were asked, inflating certain aspects of Adams’ reactions, etc.). Adams quickly wrote to the blog to try and clarify the matter, and you can read his (and the writer’s) reaction here.

Even if you’re not a Ryan Adams fan (and really, who isn’t?) it’s a very interesting take on the matter of Q&A ethics as well as “blogging as a conversation.” I look forward to discussing your views and opinions.

Photo by David Black

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2 Responses to The Ryan Adams Kerfuffle: A Blog’s Q&A Gets Messy

  1. cmeiswinkel3 says:

    It’s tough to figure out who’s really telling the truth. I think the questions should have been written as they were asked, that way people can understand the full context of what was said.

  2. kate gaschnig says:

    I think the writer definitely manipulated the q&a. The first question that Adams draws unto question, was definitely originally worded in a way that seemed insulting and incendiary. Whether it was carelessness or purposely trying to get a rise out of Adams, I’m not sure, but the writer certainly changed the question and made himself look better.

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