Audio Slide Show


Audio slide shows… enhance traditional news photo essay by synching an audio track of interviews, natural sound effects, and/or narration.


The pros:
-See Los Angeles Times series pop.u.LA.tion


A student:
-Take a tour of Lucy the Elephant in Margate


Requirements for the Assignment:
-Pick a story that can be told with both photographs and audio.
-Do reporting, interviews, and collect audio
-Photograph the subject
-Edit audio and export as .mp3
-Edit and select your photos
-Create a slide show integrating photos and audio
-Follow the general rule: 1 photo for every 5 seconds of audio
-Shoot for a finished product of 1:30 audio and 18 photos


Tools and Technology:
-Digital recorder, mic and headphones
-Audio editing software
-Software for creating an audio slide show, like, Soundslides, or iMovie or Windows Video Editor


Read Soundslides Storytelling (Mindy McAdams)
How to use to create an audio slide show
Overview of Soundslides (video)
Step-by-step instructions for Soundslides and how to get it on your WordPress blog(.pdf)


About Nick DiUlio

My name is Nick DiUlio, a freelance writer and editor from New Jersey. I have been passionate about the craft of writing since I was old enough to spell, and this love has led to a successful career in journalism and creative nonfiction. As a freelancer, I have covered a wide range of topics and personalities, as my published work has focused on everything from profiles of artists and important political figures to hard-news stories with both national and local appeal; from restaurant and beverage reviews to tips on fashion and finance; from health and wellness pieces to celebrity Q&A’s. My work has appeared in several local, regional and national publications—both in print and online—including Philadelphia Magazine,, Miller-McCune, New Jersey Monthly, Eating Well, and Delaware Today. Additionally, I am the South Jersey Bureau Chief for New Jersey Monthly and an adjunct journalism professor at Rowan University. To be sure, the broadness of my body of work seems only to be matched by my boundless interest in almost every subject imaginable (except Warren Zevon). Check out some of my most recently published work here.
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