The following schedule is a guide for the semester. Specific assignments and dates are subject to change. Check the class blog for updates. All assignment due dates are marked in bold.

Week 1—Wednesday, Sep. 7:
In Class:
-Course introduction and overview
-What is journalism? What makes online journalism unique?
-Beat blogging: What is it?
-Thinking about your beat for the semester

-Read JournalismNext – Forward and Intro
-Browse the list of some past Online Journalism “Hall of Fame” blogs and come to class ready to talk about one particular blog you enjoyed.
-Start looking for a beat

Week 2—Mon., Sept. 12 and Wed., Sept. 14:
In Class:
-Ethics talk: Permission, waivers, plagiarism, copyright, fair use and Creative Commons
-Pitch your beat in class

-Read HuffingtonPost (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 1 – “We are all digital workers now,” but skip section on Web design
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 2 – “Blogging for better journalism”
-Read the’s Blogger Code of Ethics
-Pick a beat to cover for the semester and get it approved by instructor

Week 3—Mon. Sept. 19 and Wed., Sept. 21:
In Class:
-How to use WordPress to make your blog shine
-Common types of blog posts
-In-class time to design and set up your blog

-Read news blog of the week
-Blog Set Up and Post 1 (Introduction) due by Sun., Sept. 25 at 10 p.m.

Week 4—Mon., Sept. 26 and Wed., Sept. 28:
-Checking in on student blog lists
-Tips for writing for the web
-Writing web headlines
-Leads and nutgraphs

-Read Renegade Mothering (blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 3 – “Crowd-powered collaboration”
-Read JournalismNext Chap 10 – “Managing news as a conversation”
-Post 2: Aggregation and Post 3: Free Choice due by Sun., Oct. 2 at 10 p.m.

Week 5—Mon., Oct. 3 and Wed., Oct. 5:
In Class:
-Social media and journalism
-Intro to simple web analytics
-The Q&A: How to interview your subject

-Read Buzzfeed (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chap 11 – “Building a digital audience for news”
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 4 – “Microblogging and social media”
-Read JournalismNext Chap 1 – Section on Web design
-Post 4: Free Choice due by Sun. Oct. 9 at 10 p.m.

Week 6—Mon., Oct. 10 and Wed., Oct. 12:
In Class:
-Bring camera to class for in-class photo exercise
-Incorporating photography into your reporting

-Read Lens blog (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 6 – “Visual storytelling with photographs”
-Post 5: Q&A with Photo due Sun. Oct. 16 at 10 p.m.

Week 7—Mon., Oct. 17 and Wed., Oct. 19:
In Class:
-Bring audio recorder and headphones to class for in-class exercise
-Audio gathering and editing. We look at the ways in which (good) audio can add a lot of value to your blog

-Listen to an audio blog interview or podcast of your choosing (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 7 – “Making audio journalism visible”
Post 6: Free Choice due by Sun. Oct. 23 at 10 p.m.

Week 8—Mon. Oct. 24 and Wed., Oct. 26:
In Class:
-Extra-credit quiz on reading (worth 15 points)
-Audio and/or HTML workday.

Post 7: Photo Gallery due by Sun. Oct. 30 at 10 p.m.

Week 9—Mon., Oct. 31 and Wed., Nov. 2:
In Class:
-Comment and feedback session on fellow class bloggers
-Bring video cameras and headphones to class for in-class video exercise
-Intro to web video journalism

-Read Vox (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chap 5 – “Going Mobile”
-Read JournalismNext Chap 9 – “Data driven journalism and digitizing your life”
-Post 8: Profile of a Blogger due by Sun. Nov. 6 at 10 p.m.

Week 10—Mon, Nov. 7 and Wed., Nov. 9:
In Class:
-Video continued

-Read Vice (news blog of the week)
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 8 – “Telling stories with video”
-Post 9: Audio Interview due by Sun. Nov. 13 at 10 p.m.

Week 11—Mon. Nov. 14 and Wed., Nov. 16:
In Class:
-Video (continued)

-Post 10: Free Choice due by Sun. Nov. 20 at 10 p.m.

Week 12—Monday, Nov. 21 and Wed., Nov. 23:
In Class:
-Final Project Overview
-Extra-credit quiz on reading (worth 10 points)
-Where do we go from here? The future of online journalism and you


Week 13—Mon., Nov. 28 and Wed., Nov. 30:
In Class:
–Pitch and work on final projects/video posts in class

-Post 11: Video due by Sun. Apr. 24 at 10 p.m.

Week 14—Mon., Dec. 5 and Wed. Dec. 7:
In Class:
-Blog Presentations

-Work on Final Project

Week 15—Mon., Dec. 12: LAST DAY OF CLASS:
In Class:
-Work on final projects

FINALS WEEK – Dec. 14 – 20
-Post 12: Final Project due at end of Final Exam period
-Post 13: Farewell Post due at end of Final Exam period



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