Rowan University provides the lab computers installed with software needed for this course. The instructor will also recommend free software and programs that students can use on personal computers.

Students are required to have their own equipment to gather audio, photos and video. This equipment is essential for any journalist working today and is increasingly used in other journalism courses as well.

When you are reporting, students should carry:

Primary Tools

  • Cell phone or Smartphone
  • Audio recorder (and/or Smartphone)
  • Camera that shoots both stills and video with audio (and/or Smartphone)
  • Notebook
  • Pens and pencils
  • Headphones
  • Cords for charging devices and connecting to computer
  • Car charger
  • Extra batteries and memory cards


  • Mini-tripod
  • Microphone
  • Laptop/iPad/tablet
  • Heavy-duty tape (when you have to improvise)
  • Zip-lock bags (in case of weather)

Students are encouraged to use smartphones and mobile device that have audio, photos, and video capabilities. I will offer suggestions for techniques and apps that you can use for mobile reporting. However, students must do some research on equipment, file types, and compatibility with editing software and test it out early in the semester. All media files (audio, photos, and video) must be in formats that can be uploaded to a computer and edited.

Students can check out higher-quality equipment (DSLRs, video cameras, microphones, tripods, chords, and other items) in the Journalism Department Office at 6 High Street. Students will reserve and check-out equipment using the online CCCA Equipment Booking system.

Students are also expected to adhere to the university classroom policies.

We will often use the computers and mobile devices for in-class assignments. When we do use them, please refrain from unrelated multi-tasking that may distract yourself and others.

Please silence your mobile device before class begins and give your full attention to the course work. I will do the same.

Students are also expected to bring cell phones, cameras, recording devices, headphones and charging cords to every class period.

I can offer suggestions if students wish to purchase equipment. If you have questions about equipment or do not have the means to purchase these items, please talk to me in person.


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