Student Blogs

This page serves as portal to student work for the Online Journalism I course at Rowan University. (For more, read the About page.) Each student is responsible for the content of her/his blog. Students are expected to adhere to a blogger’s code of ethics and the Rowan University policy on academic honesty.

Dead Wax Noise—Exploring record stores of Philly and NJ for the Vinyl Enthusiast
BYTE Gaming—South Jersey gaming at your fingertips
Where For ART Thou—856 to the 215, Art in All Its Forms
One Fall—The world of independent wrestling around New Jersey and Philadelphia
The SJ Palette—Appreciating South Jersey masterpieces stroke by stroke

Hangry Helper—Anyone looking for some good South Jersey grub? This is the place!
Strictly Sandwiches—Exploring the best sandwiches South Jersey has to offer
Hold My Beer—Exploring what South Jersey breweries have to offer
Sips ‘O Sports—Inside the world of local sports bars

Glow Next Door—Keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends
Fashion Mania—Everything you need to know about fashion

Cerebral Approach—Let’s de-stigmatize collegiate mental health
A For Anxiety—Info for young adults suffering from social anxiety

All Around Pitman—The sites and sounds located in a tiny town
Uptown Pitman—The old and the new coming together in Pitman, NJ
Historic Reality—A look at South Jersey historic sites in a brand new light
Camden New Perspective—The progress and bright side of Camden, NJ


Pet Care Extraordinaire—What pet lovers should know about caring for their animal friends


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