Student Blogs

This page serves as portal to student work for the Online Journalism I course at Rowan University. (For more, read the About page.) Each student is responsible for the content of her/his blog. Students are expected to adhere to a blogger’s code of ethics and the Rowan University policy on academic honesty.

Pop-Punkadelphia: Your go-to for Philly music venues and pop-punk/rock music
East Coast Entertainment: Everything about the concert scene in Jersey
Going Underground: What’s going on in New Jersey’s DIY music scene
Sounds Through The Skylight: Exposing the spaces and sounds of South Jersey
As Good As Old: Bringing the goodness of the past to the present day

South Jersey Appetites: Bringing hidden South jersey culinary gems to the forefront
Bandolier of Beer: A beer for every hand
Vegeterinism: Affordable, convenient vegetarian options for college students
On Campus Vegan: More informed eating
Boro Eats: Eating your way throughout Glassboro, NJ
Inglorious Beerstards: A beerstard’s work is never done
Macho Vegan: End the stereotype

Free Verse Makeup: Makeup has no rules
Snatched By Snook: High fashion without the high price tag
Lazy Girl Beauty: For people that like beauty without too much work

First Pitch Strike: All about Rowan University’s baseball team
Profs Spotlight: A blog dedicated to Rowan University Sports
Irish Diamond: All-access look into Notre Dame High School baseball

Finally Fit: A focus on fitness and ways to better yourself
Attack the Ataxia: Play the hand you’re dealt
Invest In You: Be the best version of yourself
Are You Astro: Understanding astrology on a new level
Environmental Elements: Getting to know the world around us through environmental science

The Sixth Borough: The kaleidoscopic New York City we don’t know
Eat Play OCNJ: What makes Ocean City, NJ the best beach in America
Glassboro History Handbook: An online history book about a famous South Jersey town
Philly Curated: A collection of Philadelphia’s most interesting museums
Marshland Mayhem: The intersection of economic and environmental protection in Cumberland County

It’s A College Girl!: Free and fun tips on college
Livin’ Like A Prof: Getting involved at Rowan University
Paw Press: Dogs are a girl’s best friend
Budget Buys: Having fun while being frugal
Girl Talk: Time to unwind and enjoy your time while learning to understand yourself

One Stop Mom and Pop Guitar Shop: Histories and stories of Tri-State area guitar shops
By Yourz Truly: A closer look at local businesses and brands near you

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